To keep you & planet earth feeling like a million bucks

We aim to provide products that we and our customers are proud to use and have pledged 5% of proceeds to important causes.


We're small but we aim to operate ethically and sustainably. We cut out all unnecessary packaging and maximise our use of recycled and recyclable materials at every opportunity. 
We choose suppliers who make good decisions, such as our UK cardboard packaging mill, who use recycled material and plant trees on our behalf.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have now began switching to biodegradable packaging.

Plastic cannot be recycled, only downcycled and loses quality through the recycling process. Glass is infinitely recyclable which is why the majority of our products are packaged in 100% recyclable glass.

We're not quite perfect just yet but we're committed to getting there.

We believe natural is best

We use natural, eco-friendly ingredients that won't harm the environment and which are sustainably and ethically derived. Our products will always be free from animal testing.

We care about people feeling their best but also for the environment and with each and every sale, your contributions will go towards building a sustainable future.

We will support existing non-profits carrying out great work, these include